US immigration law raid at a company in another state

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Most readers in Florida or elsewhere can imagine how distressing it might be to be carrying out typical duties in the workplace only to have law enforcement officers storm through the doors and start arresting people. U.S. immigration law representatives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently did just that at a telecommunications company in another state. The raid ended with 280 people in the custody of ICE agents.

The raid culminated in the most ICE arrests in one location in the past decade. Information has not been provided as to whether it was only workers arrested or if members of management were among those taken into custody. It is quite possible, as officials indicated receiving reports that employers at this particular company have repeatedly and knowingly hired undocumented immigrant workers.

One of the women arrested is the mother of two teenagers. She later recounted how troubling it was to listen to people on the bus the detainees were loaded onto crying and lamenting their situations. ICE officials say that each person arrested will be interviewed to check for humanitarian issues, such as being a sole provider in a family or having a special medical need.

The woman who spoke was eventually released after promising to attend a court hearing at a later date. ICE officers reportedly conducted the raid after securing arrest warrants. One ICE official claimed that undocumented immigrants often steal people’s identities; however, just because an official points to such incidents occurring in the past does not constitute guilt regarding someone who was recently arrested. U.S. immigration law officials must be unbiased and must make decisions on a case-by-case basis. An experienced Florida attorney can provide guidance and support to any man or woman threatened with deportation in this state.


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