Visa applications: Adjustment of status might be tougher now

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | U.s. Permanent Residency |

There are numerous visa programs in the United States. Many Florida immigrants seek an adjustment of status by applying for a particular visa, such as those seeking employment in this state or those who have married U.S. citizens and want to obtain green cards. Many say that the new government policies have made it more difficult to acquire a visa.

If an immigrant applies for a visa and is denied, then his or her presence in the United States is deemed unlawful. Under new policies, officials may issue a Notice to Appear to anyone who has been denied immigration benefits. This action was not typical in such circumstances in the past. Once an NTA has been sent out, it is considered the start of removal proceedings.

Students also appear to be at greater risk for removal under new guidelines. As soon as their visas expire, they may be listed as unlawfully present in the United States. Such students are then given the choice to voluntarily leave the United States or face deportation proceedings. In the past, many students were able to stay in the country to work, even after their student visas expired.

Many people apply for visas while living abroad. Current policies may also impede their ability to accomplish their goals. Anyone in Florida in need of guidance and support regarding adjustment of status issues may seek a consultation with an experienced immigration law attorney. This is often a first step toward resolving even the most complex immigration-related problems.




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