Agents went to restaurant on US immigration law business

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are human beings, so they have to eat, just like everyone else. However, when ICE agents recently showed up at a restaurant in another state, they apparently weren’t there to dine. Instead, they took seven people into custody for allegedly violating U.S. immigration law. Florida immigrants who work at restaurants or other local establishments may want to follow this case.

The officer were reportedly searching for one person in particular, whom they claimed was a felon who violated entry laws in the United States. They are said to have found the 42-year-old man they were looking for and placed him under arrest. A local controversy erupted due to further events that unfolded.

It seems the ICE officers questioned numerous other workers at the restaurant that day. In fact, they not only took the man they were apparently targeting into custody, but they also arrested six other restaurant employees on-site under suspicion of immigration law violations. Many of the people at the restaurant and in the surrounding community say they now want to know why ICE was questioning the other restaurant employees if they were supposedly there with regard to one individual in particular.

Local residents say the restaurant is very popular in their community and its owners and workers are dear to the many patrons who dine their regularly. They want questions answered as to whether the actions of ICE officers were legally sound. Florida immigrants who face similar problems in the workplace can obtain immediate guidance and support by reaching out to experienced U.S. immigration law attorneys.


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