Elderly man in Florida, threatened with foreclosure

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It can be challenging to keep up with lawn maintenance, especially when extenuating circumstances arise that require someone to be away from home for an extended period of time. Given the typically warm climate in Florida, grass, weeds, flowers and plants often grow quickly. Many readers may be surprised to learn that being away from home and unable to mow the lawn could possibly lead to a threat of home foreclosure.

That appears to be the case for a 69-year-old man who had to traveled away from his home for a number of weeks. He says he was hit with fines of $500 per day, amounting to nearly $30,000 in two months because his grass had grown tall while he was out of town. The man is reportedly completely unprepared to pay the sum, especially, he says, because the fines were issued without any warning at all.

The homeowner also stated that he had made plans for someone to mow his lawn while he was away but that person unexpectedly died. The city where he lives has since taken steps to foreclose on the man’s home. The man has filed a lawsuit against the city and the Code Enforcement Board in Dunedin. Representatives of the city say they have been dealing with lawn issues with this particular homeowner since 2007.

Foreclosure is often a highly emotionally charged issue. It is understandable that any Florida resident worried about losing his or her home might feel distraught. The stress of such situations can often be alleviated by relying on an experienced real estate law attorney to advocate on one’s behalf in court.


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