Real estate disputes regarding a Miami hostel business

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Florida property owners often run into problems regarding their business dealings. Some real estate disputes are not all that complex; in fact, those involved can sometimes rectify problem issues on their own. Other cases, however, may require additional guidance and support, especially when numerous parties are involved and it is not perfectly clear how certain events unfolded.

father and son have filed a lawsuit in a situation that most readers would rank on the more complicated side of things. The two men are suing Jerry Falwell, Jr., President of Liberty University. In the legal claim, Falwell, Jr. is accused of not making good on an agreement to give the younger of the two men a share in his Miami hostel business, which he happened to open as a partner of the son’s high school friend.

The plaintiffs say the two former high school buddies were supposed to be partners in the hostel business. They say Falwell, Jr. did not keep his end of the agreement and wound up partnering with one of the men, only. Extenuating circumstances have further complicated the case, as it just so happens former attorney for U.S. President Donald Trump (who is currently incarcerated) is alleged to have been involved in trying to keep certain photographs from being published, which might have had negative consequences for Falwell, Jr. regarding his purchase of the Miami hostel.

There is a difference between a prospective business buyer changing his or her mind before a contract is signed and one who enters a legally binding agreement and then fails to adhere to the terms. Real estate disputes regarding purchase or partnership agreements can be difficult to resolve. When a lawsuit is filed, as in the case mentioned earlier, the court must determine if, in fact, there has been a breach of contract. An experienced Florida real estate law attorney is a great asset to have on hand in such situations.


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