Adjustment of status issues that concern many Florida immigrants

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When a person arrives in Florida from another country of origin, his or her circumstances may not always be as desired. In fact, many immigrants have adjustment of status issues that they hope to resolve as refugees or through asylum. Each situation is unique and a law that applies to one person may not be applicable to another.

This is why it is so important for immigrants to know their rights and also where to seek support to help protect them. If someone flees his or her home country because of persecution or violence, he or she might not have documents in order when crossing a U.S. border. Many of these individuals request asylum when they come face to face with border patrol officers.

Asylum is a type of protection status that the U.S. government grants to many refugees upon request. However, there are eligibility requirements that must be fulfilled and a person may have to spend time in a detention center while such issues are resolved. If asylum protection is granted, a person may then be able to petition the government to bring his or her spouse or children to the United States, as well.

Many asylees go on to seek permanent residency in Florida or elsewhere. Most adjustment of status processes involve being interviewed by immigration officials. An immigrant may also have to get a medical examination and, in some cases, have a sponsor on hand who is willing to attest to his or her character and help file an immigration petition. An experienced U.S. immigration law attorney can provide strong support to anyone experiencing legal status problems at this time.


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