Real estate disputes: Boundaries, titles and more

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When someone purchases or sells a piece of real estate in Florida, he or she undoubtedly hopes to avoid legal problems. If the property in question is a residential dwelling, it is critical to make sure no problems arise with other property owners in the area. Issues such as boundary lines can be difficult to resolve when real estate disputes erupt, so it is always best to try to avoid them from the start.

If someone wants to erect a fence on a particular property, he or she is wise to schedule a property survey first. This allows him or her to access updated information regarding property lines. In some cases, however, an updated survey is not possible, such as if a property is really old. For instance, if a deed contains terminology stating that a boundary line is a certain distance from a creek but there is no longer a creek at the location, things can get confusing.

In situations where a property survey will not provide conclusive answers regarding boundary lines, it is often possible to seek the court’s intervention. A quiet title lawsuit asks a judge to determine where one property ends and another begins. Some property owners are able to resolve disputes without going to court, and they merely choose a landmark between their properties and agree that it will be the determining factor of a boundary line.

In such cases, it would be appropriate to sign a quitclaim document. This grants each owner property rights on his or her side of the designated and agreed-upon boundary. Most Florida property owners who wish to resolve real estate disputes in as swift and economically feasible way as possible usually turn to experienced real estate law attorneys for guidance and support.


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