Support available for those facing real estate disputes

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Many Florida residents are currently entangled in legal disagreements in conjunction with buying or selling property. Real estate disputes can be challenging to resolve. While it is possible to try to negotiate a solution on one’s own, it typically is not the best option available. Sometimes, when negotiations are not successful, litigation is necessary.

Breach of contract, fraud and business-related issues are often the central focus of real estate disputes. Every state has its own regulations and codes regarding buying, selling or leasing property. In a landlord/tenant relationship, any number of issues may arise regarding rent, property maintenance or building regulations that cause friction between those involved. It is critical that all parties entering into a particular transaction clearly understand the terms of the proposed agreement before adding their signatures.

It often helps to have an experienced real estate law attorney review a contract ahead of time. If one or more parties do not adhere to the terms of an agreement, legal steps can be taken to enforce the contract. An attorney can also review loan documents regarding private or commercial property purchases.

Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., are committed to helping all Florida homeowners, developers, investors, sellers and buyers resolve any and all legal issues pertaining to real estate disputes. An experienced legal team can provide strong support to help structure an agreement to a specific client’s advantage. A team of attorneys can also remain on hand to assist you with any post-signing contract problems that happen to arise.


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