US immigration law: Florida detention center under fire

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Homestead is one of many cities in the United States that houses immigrants in detention centers. In fact, a facility in this Florida city was the central focus of a heated congressional debate on a recent Tuesday. Many speakers implored the U.S. government to better protect immigrants by enacting immediate and drastic reform of its immigration policies. The immigration detention center in Homestead is one of many throughout the nation where conditions have been described as abhorrent and inhumane.

A democratic representative from another state gave testimony about female immigrants who were reportedly made to drink water from toilets at a border patrol station. The women were allegedly told that the sinks were not working properly at the time. As is often the case regarding immigration issues, there seems to be active debate among government officials; in fact, a senior adviser to the presidential administration publicly refuted the democratic representative’s remarks, calling them untrue.

Another member of Congress said he was deeply troubled by many things he witnessed in the immigration centers he toured. He said the experience has further impassioned his desire to lobby for change within the federal government. Accusations against immigration officials included statements saying immigrants at various detention centers are being verbally and physically abused on a regular basis.

There are several types of immigration detention centers. Some are privately owned and operated while others are government-funded. In Florida and other states, detainees must be treated in a manner that does not place their safety or health at risk. If a family member is concerned that U.S. immigration law officials have somehow violated an immigrant’s personal rights in detention, he or she may seek support from an experienced immigration law attorney.


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