US immigration law: Protestors call for action

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Many Florida households include members who are currently worried about their immigration legal statuses. In fact, hundreds, if not thousands, of families in this state and others are worried they may never see certain family members again because they have been locked up in immigration detention centers. Such centers are often said to be filthy, unhealthy and dangerous places, which has prompted protesters to call for changes in US immigration law.

Acting under the hashtag #CloseTheCamps, protesters throughout the country demanded that the U.S. government shut down detention centers along the border of the United States and Mexico. Those crying out for change have also implored government officials to reunite separated immigrant families and to stop funding detention and removal projects. One of the campaign’s directors said that disgusting and inhumane conditions in detention facilities have ignited the group’s passion as advocates seeking change. 

The director also said the protests have targeted members of Congress because they have the power to do something but have so far failed to act. Protesters say there are children’s lives at stake, and the US government needs to do the right thing to protect them. Several members of Congress say they agree that changes are needed, as they recently witnessed atrocities at a border patrol station where immigrants were made to drink from a toilet bowl.

US immigration law is not likely to change overnight. If a Florida man or woman is having trouble resolving a legal status issue, he or she can seek support and guidance from an experienced immigration law attorney. Such problems cannot usually be solved immediately, but an experienced attorney can often help an immigrant mitigate his or her problematic circumstances.


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