Will this man’s adjustment of status include deportation?

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In Florida and many other states, there are currently hundreds, if not thousands, of immigrants living in sanctuary. There may be any number of reasons why a particular foreign national’s paperwork might not be in good order, which can place him or her at risk for immediate removal from the United States unless he or she is able to obtain an adjustment of status. A large crowd gathered recently in another state to offer support and advocacy for a man who has been living in a church for more than a year.

The man in question is the father of three children. He had been living in the U.S. for approximately 18 years before seeking sanctuary at a Lutheran Church in order to avoid deportation. On a recent Wednesday, the man exited the church, reportedly to enter an immigration office to request a stay of removal.

Witnesses say the man hugged his family before entering the nearby Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. Moments later, ICE officers took him into custody and placed him in a detention center. Officials have stated that the man will be held at the facility until a hearing takes place. An attorney acting on the man’s behalf has requested that he be released on bond so that he can be with his family.

Seeking an adjustment of status can be stressful, especially in situations where documentation is not in full compliance with U.S. immigration law. Anyone in Florida who has run into legal complications regarding his or her immigration status may wish to seek support from an experienced immigration law attorney. This is often the best way to achieve the swiftest and most positive outcome possible.


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