Adjustment of status: Support regarding residency and citizenship

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Being an immigrant in Florida or elsewhere in the United States is often not without its challenges. When you first arrived at a U.S. border, you may have had a significant language barrier, perhaps needed a place to live, or were worried about acclimating to American society and adapting to a new lifestyle. Seeking an adjustment of status in connection with residency or citizenship may be one of your highest goals in life.

Between points A and B, however, any number of legal obstacles can arise that can greatly impede your ability to bring you plans to fruition. You have personal rights. The more you know about how to protect them, as well as where to seek legal guidance and support, the better prepared you might be to overcome a status obstacle.

If you married a U.S. citizen and hope to obtain a marriage-based green card, you’ll have to attend an immigration interview first. This process typically involves a lot of personal questions. You must possess a green card in order to become a naturalized citizen.

Citizenship is the highest adjustment of status immigrants in Florida or anywhere can seek. In addition to your interview, you’ll also have to take a series of tests that include questions regarding U.S. history and government and also sections that require you to read, write and show that you understand English. Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., are an experienced legal team who are well-versed in immigration issues. You may request a consultation at any time when you need immigration-related support.


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