Immigrants in another state facing US immigration law problems

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Florida police, as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, are legally bound by certain protocol and restrictions regarding searches, seizures and arrests. A police officer cannot simply target someone, even if he or she is an immigrant, for no logical reason in order to make an arrest. Any number of issues may arise concerning an immigrant’s legal status, however, that can spark serious U.S. immigration law problems.

Evidence of this is shown in a case that recently unfolded in another state. In fact, several immigrants were involved, each of whom has a different legal status background. One person is said to have been in possession of a permanent resident card when U.S. Border Patrol agents responded to a call on a recent Wednesday. The officers allowed the man to be released after showing he was legally residing in the United States.

Two other people, however, were taken into custody after officers told them to exit their vehicle. Officials later claimed that one of the men had lied to them, giving a false name when asked for identification. They also claim the man was wanted for arrest in connection with a violent crime.

The other person who was arrested after exiting the vehicle was reportedly handed over to ICE because he could not show proper documentation for being in the United States. ICE officers typically place someone whose legal status is in question in a detention center until his or her case is processed. Not every person detained winds up being deported. This is why it pays for Florida immigrants and others to seek guidance and support from an experienced U.S. immigration law attorney in similar circumstances, particularly if ICE officers make an arrest.


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