Keep this in mind to avoid adjustment of status problems

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Moving to Florida as an immigrant can be an exciting yet stressful experience. Any number of issues can arise to cause obstacles in the adjustment of status process. There are several ideas to keep in mind that may help keep stress to a minimum and avoid serious legal problems.

For one, it is always best to expect delays. Whether one is applying for an employment-based visa or a green card after marrying a U.S. citizen, there is typically a lot of paperwork involved. There is also a hefty backlog regarding pending interviews and other immigration law processes. It is not uncommon for lengthy delays to arise.

If a person already has a green card and has been living and working in the United States for five years, it is a good idea to apply for citizenship. Doing so may help reduce legal status stress. It may also prove beneficial toward helping immediate family members immigrate to Florida or another state.

Always be truthful on visa applications or when requesting asylum. This can greatly reduce the chances of being at risk for removal. If an immigrant has been in the United States longer than 30 days on a visa, it is important to notify U.S, Citizenship and Immigration Services of  any changes of address. While keeping these adjustment of status tips in mind can help avoid legal problems, there are many other issues that can arise to place a Florida immigrant at risk for deportation, in which case it is a good idea to rely upon assistance from an experienced U.S. immigration law attorney.


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