Rural locations spark US immigration law problems for immigrants

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | U.s. Immigration Law |

Florida immigrants often encounter problems regarding their legal statuses. Along with others throughout the country, many of them wind up in detention centers. U.S. immigration law states that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are treat immigrants civilly, not punitively, in detention.

Many immigrants, especially those being held in remote, rural locations, say their rights have been violated. For instance, those residing in facilities in out-of-the-way areas say they are often denied access to legal representation. One man said he remained in detention for 10 months without being allowed to talk to an attorney.

The detention facility where the man was being held was 1,000 miles away from his wife. The man has no criminal record. He was detained after seeking asylum from Cuba. Since being detained, the man was finally granted access to an attorney but has been able to meet with the legal advocate only once. Since more than half of all detained immigrants are housed in remote, rural locations, there is a rising concern among those who do not have access to experienced attorneys.

Florida immigrants who have overcome U.S. immigration law problems understand how helpful it is to have an experienced attorney by one’s side when trying to resolve legal status issues, especially those that place one at risk for deportation. Requesting legal representation as soon as a problem arises is often a key factor toward a swift and favorable solution. Any immigrant who believes his or her rights have been violated will want to immediately bring the issue to the court’s attention.


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