US immigration law: Did police change this immigrant’s words?

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Immigrant families and couples in Florida are just like anyone else — they have problems sometimes. In some situations, such problems lead to domestic violence issues that are brought to the court’s attention. When U.S. immigration law officials or police are involved, it is critical that they translate or repeat a witness’s testimony correctly.

A woman on the West Coast is currently worried that her fiance is going to be deported. The couple was reportedly involved in a domestic dispute recently, which resulted in police being dispatched to the woman’s home. However, she now claims that what the police officer wrote in his report is different for what she told him, and she fears that the written police report is placing her fiance’s ability to stay in the United States at risk.

The woman and her daughter spoke in English to police when they responded to the domestic violence call. A bodycam video of the response call shows that the woman and her daughter told the officers that her fiance had pushed her. They are upset that the officer wrote in his report that the women said the man had punched his fiancee in the stomach.

The man was scheduled for release from jail after a judge lowered his bail. However, he is now facing other U.S. immigration law problems because ICE arrested him approximately 30 minutes before he was set to be freed. Florida immigration attorneys often come to the aid of people facing these types of legal problems. A first logical step to take to seek guidance and support is to request a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney.


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