Judge makes uniqie ruling re real estate disputes

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Real Estate Disputes |

There are a lot of condominiums in Florida. Some are in pristine condition while others are in grave states of disrepair. A condominium where many of the buildings fits the latter description has been the focus of recent real estate disputes. During proceedings, the judge overseeing the case handed down a ruling that is the first of its kind ever to occur in this state.

The judge ruled that the plaintiffs have a right to terminate the condo association. These particular plaintiffs want to build a hotel on the site. There are 244 units, 45 of which are directly owned by the plaintiffs. They are requesting the court’s permission to purchase 81 remaining units, as the other 118 are owned by other parties.

Those unit owners are filing a countersuit against the condominium association for allowing the building to fall into irreparable disrepair. An attorney representing them said the judge’s ruling that granted termination rights to the plaintiffs is the first of its kind in Florida. The ruling necessitates further litigation to resolve other issues such as what to do about existing liens and mortgages. The ruling has, in a sense, prompted uncharted legal territory because the court is now tasked with defining exactly how such a termination should transpire.

The plaintiffs were thrilled with the ruling. They noted that these real estate disputes have been ongoing for 11 years and they are looking forward to finalizing the litigation and moving forward with their project. Any Florida resident or business owner facing legal problems regarding real estate may request a meeting with an attorney who is well-versed in such issues to determine a best course of action.


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