Planning to seek adjustment of status? Read this first.

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If U.S. immigration laws were simple and leaving a country of origin to come and live in Florida were easy, it would be possible to make a phone call or submit a petition, then follow through to accomplish one’s goals. Pursuing an adjustment of status can be a complicated, lengthy process. In addition to the petition, there are numerous other issues to be aware of.

Eligibility is a key factor in a status adjustment request. A person may not even file a petition if he or she has not met all qualification requirements. One such requirement is that the person seeking a new legal status must have entered the United States in an authorized, approved manner.

Status eligibility may come through one’s employer, a marriage to a U.S. citizen or a humanitarian program, among other things. For most family and employment-based status approvals, the petitioner must act on behalf of the immigrant as a sponsor. This person, whether a family member, employer or other, must be able to attest to the immigrant’s character and prove that the request for status adjustment is legitimate.

The are never unlimited numbers of visas available in any category. Once it is determined that a desired visa is available, the applicant must be prepared to provide personal identification information, including fingerprints and photographs. In certain situations, U.S. immigration law officials may request an interview as well.

Seeking an official adjustment of status as an immigrant of the Florida or any other state can be exciting yet also highly challenging. Staying closely connected to an experienced immigration law attorney can help keep stress levels to a minimum. An attorney is also a great asset to have on hand if a particular legal obstacle arises during the application process.


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