Don’t let real estate disputes impede the sale of a home

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Many Florida residents are homeowners. By year’s end, a lot of people will put “for sale” signs in their front yards. Sometimes, selling a home is an uncomplicated, low-stress process. Other times, it is a bit more complex, especially if real estate disputes arise.

Boundary lines are key components of property rights. Before selling or buying a house, a prospective buyer or seller should seek clarification regarding any and all land or structures included with a particular property. Especially if a property was inherited and has stood vacant for a number of years, it is a good idea to obtain a survey of the land so records can be updated.

It is possible that a person might buy a home thinking he or she owns to a certain point on the land when, in fact, it is not the case. If proper surveying was not done or if misguided information was handed down from one previous owner to another, it could wind up creating complicated legal problems for a new owner. One property owner who wrote to an online advice column explained a mixed-up situation where land once thought to belong with one home actually was part of the property of a cottage adjacent to it.

The owner wanted to know if a land swap would be possible so that each owner possessed the land surrounding his or her own home. The owner was worried that the irregular boundary lines might impede the sale of the cottage. Before taking matters into one’s own hand, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced Florida attorney to discuss any current or anticipated real estate disputes regarding buying or selling a home.


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