Employment immigration: Where permanent workers can find support

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A foreign national cannot simply dream of working in Florida or elsewhere in the states then hop on a plane and come here looking for a job. The employment immigration system exists to help people interested in obtaining work visas. Any number of legal problems can arise during the process, which is why it is always best to build a strong support network from the start.

There are many benefits and opportunities for immigrants in the United States. A U.S. employer must be willing to sponsor a man or woman who wishes to travel from abroad as a visa-holder. It is illegal for an employer to knowingly hire an immigrant without proper documentation.

This means both the prospective employer and employee must clearly understand the laws and regulations associated with employment-based immigration. Only a certain number of employment visas are made available each year. There are eligibility requirements that must be fulfilled before applying. An employer must make sure the person being hired is not barred in any way from living or working in the United States.

A visa obtained through employment immigration expires. However, if one’s visa expires, it does not necessarily mean the visa-holder must return to his or her country of origin. There are ways to apply for the renewal of a visa without leaving Florida or some other state. An experienced immigration law attorney at Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., can be helpful in more ways that one, but especially if the person requesting a meeting has run into an incident or trouble that can affect his or her legal status.


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