Man facing removal is hoping for adjustment of status

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In Florida and many other states, there are currently hundreds, if not thousands of immigrants living in detention centers due to various circumstances. Some have requested an adjustment of status by seeking asylum. Others were arrested for suspected crimes, then transferred into the custody of immigration law officers. One man is at risk for removal, but his attorney is working tirelessly to file an appeal on his behalf.

The 25-year-old man is the father of a 17-month-old child whom he has never seen. This is because he has been living in a detention facility that is a far from his family. At one point, he was not even able to meet with his attorney for at least three weeks because his unit was under quarantine because of a mumps outbreak.

The man entered the United States as a young child alongside his parents and three siblings. He grew up in a crime-ridden and low-income neighborhood. Many people say that people of his racial background are often targeted by police there. He himself was reportedly stopped in several instances of mistaken identity. A string of arrests ultimately landed him in the detention center.

Seeking an adjustment of status in Florida or elsewhere can be challenging, especially if the details of a particular case are complex. Many immigrant advocates believe the laws should be more lenient toward undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children rather than entered without paperwork under their own volition. Anyone who encounters legal problems during an application process or while residing in an immigration detention center may reach out for support by requesting a meeting with an experienced immigration law attorney.


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