US permanent residency: What to do if obstacles arise

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Many immigrants plan for years before they actually travel to Florida or some other U.S. state from their own countries of origin. Others arrive under much more hurried or urgent circumstances. For those whose ultimate goals include applying for U.S. permanent residency, it is critical to know where to seek support if a problem arises during the application process.

As with most immigration programs, there are numerous eligibility requirements that must be fulfilled before submitting an application for a green card. It is common for people to apply for green cards through a marriage-based petition. It is also common for green card applications to be employment-based. The prospective employer is tasked with making sure the applicant is eligible for entry into the United States before hiring him or her.

If you are the applicant or are sponsoring someone’s application, it is important to understand what is expected of you in the process. It’s helpful to speak to someone well-versed in U.S. immigration law issues before signing any paperwork. Sadly, many people have been taken advantage of by those who claim to be able to expedite their application processes for a fee.

If someone promises you a green card or to help you get a visa faster for a fee, beware because it is likely a scheme. The best place to seek support for U.S. permanent residency issues is to request a meeting with an experienced immigration law attorney. Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., is committed to helping Florida immigrants and their families overcome obstacles that arise regarding visas, immigration interviews or other legal issues.


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