Advocates say man’s adjustment of status is going well

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Adjustment Of Status |

Like many Florida immigrants, a man in another state has spent an extensive amount of time in a detention facility. He is one of tens of thousands of immigrants who come to the United States seeking adjustment of status after fleeing countries of origin where their lives were in grave danger. There is a specific process for seeking asylum; it is not uncommon for legal complications to arise when someone crosses a U.S. border without paperwork in order.

In this man’s case, he sought refuge in the U.S. after he was reportedly tortured and held captive in a life of trafficking and kidnapping. He is a 29-year-old who was recently released from detention. The ankle monitor he had to wear was also removed, and he is now taking steps to obtain employment.

Immigrant advocates speaking on the man’s behalf recently told reporters that the man is relieved and happy to be free. They also said he greatly appreciates the support that many people have shown him, and he looks forward to living and working in the United States. Those advocates gathered in support when the man in question recently reported to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office for a required check-in.

He will have to check in again in six months. There are many legal problems that can arise during a person’s adjustment of status phase. Especially if immigration officials question the validity of an asylum seeker’s story as to why he or she is asking the U.S. government to provide protection and refuge. An experienced immigration law attorney is a great asset to have on hand if an obstacle arises that is impeding one’s ability to stay in Florida or elsewhere the United States.


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