Foreclosure: These issues are often key factors

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Most people who purchase Florida real estate understand from the start that making timely mortgage payments is a key factor toward satisfying a loan debt and avoiding legal problems. Then again, most people also realize that life has a way of prompting unexpected circumstances that may make it difficult or impossible to keep up with an agreed-upon payment schedule. This can lead to financial issues, including legal problems such as foreclosure.

There are numerous common reasons people wind up at risk for losing their homes. Unexpectedly becoming unemployed is one of them. Many people have been completely blindsided by a sudden loss of income, perhaps after getting fired or laid off from their jobs. Unless they have a substantial amount of money set aside to keep making mortgage payments, sudden unemployment can create an immediate and devastating financial crisis.

Divorce is another issue that often places people at risk for foreclosure. Married couples, as well, may run into financial problems when needed maintenance on a home starts to cost more than they can afford. Many people in this state and across the country are currently suffering from physical or mental health conditions that have thrust them into financial crises. This is another common reason that homeowners wind up in positions where their lenders are calling in their loans.

There may be a way for a property owner to cure a default by satisfying foreclosure costs, back interest and missed mortgage payments. There are often other options to help people retain ownership of their homes as well, such as certain types of bankruptcy. A logical first step to take if one finds oneself in such a predicament is to meet with an experienced Florida real estate law attorney to discuss possible courses of action that may help secure the best possible outcome in a given set of circumstances.


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