US immigration law: ICE statements unverified by detainees

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A group of immigrant advocates in another state recently protested at that state’s capitol. The women are calling on U.S. immigration law officials to protect women in immigration detention facilities. They recently visited a privately-owned detention center and were horrified by what the detainees told them. Many of the issues raised at the protest impact immigration detainees in Florida as well.

Many of the detainees say that even their most basic needs are not being provided for. For instance, many of the women say that they are forced to go without feminine hygiene products to take care of their needs when they have their monthly menstrual cycles. Others said they are given food that is not fit for human consumption because it is rancid and contains parasites. 

One of the young women who spoke at the recent protest is herself an immigrant. In fact, she spent two years in detention after getting arrested for drunk driving. The woman noted that the same offense is typically punished by probation when the convicted person is a U.S. citizen. She and her activist colleagues stated that the U.S. government’s current policies are unfair and are placing many immigrant women at risk.

Spokespeople from the private detention facility the women visited said their food is subject to surprise inspections several times a year to ensure that it complies with county health codes. The representatives say the water at the facility undergoes monthly inspection. Any Florida immigrant who is currently facing U.S. immigration law problems need not try to resolve the issue alone; rather, he or she can turn to an experienced immigration law attorney for immediate support.


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