Condominium owner wants property and money back

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2020 | Condominiums And Cooperatives |

Florida is a prime real estate location. Whether someone lives in a single residence home or a large condominium, many people choose to buy and sell real estate in this state because of its many amenities. In a perfect world, each transaction would be carried out in a fair, efficient and economically feasible fashion, and all parties would walk away completely satisfied.

In reality, property often changes hands, only to wind up as a central focus of dispute when one party or the other later claims someone did something unlawful or unfair regarding the contract. A condo owner in another state applied for the right to construct a high rise complex. Seven years later, his petition was approved with the stipulation that he pay a $400,000 development fee to the city and give the city two pieces of adjacent property.

The city reportedly promised only to place recreational and public safety facilities on the land, which happens to be worth approximately $3 million. The developer has recently filed a lawsuit against the city. In his claim, he states that the city has never developed the land and that he has also learned that the city had no legal right to demand a development fee nor to demand the conditions that prompted the property acquisition.

The mayor of the city said he has not yet reviewed the legal claim but would not comment on a topic that was under litigation, regardless. The condominium owner is asking the court to order the city to return the money he paid as a development fee and both pieces of property. In Florida or elsewhere, anyone currently facing similar real estate problems may wish to consult with an attorney who has experience in litigating issues specific to condominiums and cooperatives.


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