US immigration law: Legal support helpful when problems arise

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Every day, new immigrants arrive in Florida and other states to begin new lives. Some make the long journey alone while others are accompanied by family members. Adapting to a new life in the United States is often easier if there are already family members here waiting to welcome a newcomer. In either case, however, if U.S. immigration law problems arise, it can cause great stress and worry for everyone involved.

Perhaps, one of your goals is to obtain permanent residency status. It is critical that you understand the process and know how to file an application. Then again, perhaps, you already possess a green card but it is nearing expiration and you are unclear about the renewal process.

Any number of obstacles can arise when navigating the immigration system, whether you are concerned about a green card, a non-immigrant visa or an upcoming Stokes interview. The problem is that making a mistake can place you at risk for deportation in certain circumstances. For instance, if you don’t understand the process or regulations overseeing renewal of a visa and you remain in the United States after yours expires, you can land in a heap of legal trouble that leads to detention and, possibly, removal.

If you’re concerned about a specific U.S. immigration law issue, it is helpful to discuss your situation with someone well-versed in federal laws regarding immigration. Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., an experienced legal team in Florida, is fully equipped to address all aspects of immigration. If you have a family member who was recently taken into ICE custody, if you have encountered challenges regarding employment-based visas or you need to attend a hearing but are worried that a language barrier might impede your ability to understand what is happening in court, you can gain support by requesting a consultation with one of our attorneys.


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