Real estate disputes: Did developer steal money from Airbnb?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Real Estate Disputes |

Contracts are business as usual for Florida real estate developers. Some end up entangled in real estate disputes, either because they have been accused of violating terms of an agreement or because they have asserted similar allegations against other parties. A developer in Miami has been named as a defendant in a case involving Airbnb as the plaintiff.

Airbnb has accused NGD Homesharing and its CEO of stealing approximately $1 million in connection with an agreement the two entities signed. Airbnb reportedly gave permission to the developer to use its brand name when opening a new apartment complex. The company filed a lawsuit against the developer, claiming it has violated numerous terms of the agreement.

A representative for NGD said the lawsuit is baseless and contains inaccurate information. In fact, the company has accused Airbnb of trying to use litigation to impede innovative business in the Florida community. Airbnb had loaned the development company $1 million some years ago. The court will now determine whether the developer misused those funds or breached the contract between the two companies.

Florida real estate disputes are often complex and challenging to resolve. It is not uncommon for someone named as a defendant in one case to file a countersuit against the plaintiff or plaintiffs in question. Because such cases can quickly get complicated in court, it is always best to rely on an experienced real estate law attorney for support. An attorney’s top priority is to protect the rights and financial interests of a client.


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