Real estate disputes: Neighbors complain about house color

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2020 | Real Estate Disputes |

Many homeowners are legally bound by certain laws or contractual agreements regarding the appearance or structure of their homes or surrounding property. For instance, in a historic district, a homeowner might be prohibited from installing a modern-style fence or using certain paint colors on the outside of his or her house. A father and son in Florida are reportedly entangled in real estate disputes that have spilled over in a bothersome way among their neighbors.

The father and his son jointly purchased a Naples home for approximately $500,000 some years ago. The house is currently said to be worth nearly $30,000 more. At some point, however, the father filed a lawsuit in order to force a sale and divide the proceeds.

Problems arose when the son, age 40, failed to cooperate with a court order to cooperate in a private sale of the property. To further complicate matters, it appears the son has spray-painted the entire home, a vehicle and other items, including a royal palm tree in the front yard. Neighbors have complained about the rainbow blotches of dripping paint that they say have tainted the aesthetic value of their community.

One neighbor said that even the windows on the men’s home have been completely covered in rainbow splotches of paint. The son is accused of denying real estate agents and prospective buyers access to the home. His father filed an emergency contempt motion, which landed the son in jail although he was later released after posting bond. The son is also facing criminal charges regarding unrelated issues. Real estate disputes like this case are often contentious and difficult to resolve, which is why most Florida homeowners rely on experienced legal representation in court.


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