Real estate disputes: How to handle property line issues

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Some Florida homes are built close to one another. For others, the nearest home might be a quarter mile or more away. Either way, real estate disputes may arise if two property owners disagree about boundary lines. Sometimes there’s a physical structure, such as a fence or tree line, that creates a partition between properties; other times, a boundary line may not be clearly marked. This could pose a problem if the property owners disagree about where one person’s land ends and the other’s begins.

It is always best for neighbors to try to amicably discuss property line issues before things get out of hand. However, that is not always possible, especially if the relationship is contentious from the start. It is helpful to have a copy of a deed, survey or other relevant documents on hand. For instance, if one person believes a neighbor’s fence is encroaching over a property line, a certified survey may help resolve the issue.

Perhaps a neighbor has a tree and the trunk and roots are on his or her property but a branch is growing over into another yard. This type of issue seems minor but winds up causing challenging legal problems for many property owners who are unable to peacefully resolve their disagreements. If property owners have been unsuccessful at trying to resolve such a dispute, litigation may be the most viable option.

An experienced Florida real estate law attorney is well-versed in state laws and regulations that govern property issues. Most attorneys are skilled negotiators, which comes in handy when compromise is needed to achieve a fair solution to a complicated legal problem. If left unresolved, property disagreements run the risk of causing a permanent rift between neighbors. This is why many people choose to seek outside legal support in an effort to restore peace and resolve even the most complex types of real estate disputes.


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