Immigration: Types of marriage fraud

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Many people immigrate to this country to marry U.S. citizens in Florida or elsewhere. Such marriages, however, are sometimes called into question by the U.S. government on suspicion of fraud. It is important for married couples to know what might be expected of them if they receive notice to appear at a marriage interview.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services identifies certain behavior as fraudulent concerning marriages between immigrants and U.S. citizens. Such behavior includes paying a U.S. citizen to marry a noncitizen. It is also illegal for U.S. citizens to marry immigrants as favors to help them obtain green cards.

Entering into a mail-order marriage where both parties admit there is no legitimacy to the relationship is also a type of marriage fraud that would place an immigrant at risk for deportation. A married couple whose relationship is authentic may have to prove it by providing evidence to immigration officials during a marriage interview. It is likely that spouses may be separated and questioned apart from each other during an interview so that officials can later compare their answers to see if they coincide.

Florida married couples who are called to an immigration interview on suspicion of marriage fraud will want to have hard copy evidence in their possession to prove that their marriage is sincere. Such evidence might include photographs of them together, as well as with extended family members and friends. Mail that is addressed to both spouses or letters of correspondence between the two also helps rule out marriage fraud. If legal complications arise in connection with a marriage interview, a concerned couple may reach out for support from an attorney who is well-versed in U.S. immigration laws.


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