Immigration: Opinions differ on new H1-B guidelines

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | U.s. Immigration Law |

The U.S. workforce is comprised of a diverse group of people, many of whom emigrated from other countries to seek better-paying jobs in Florida or other states. Immigration regulations and policies are complex and constantly changing, which can present challenges for someone who is trying to navigate the system to apply for a visa. There are new guidelines concerning H1-B visas, which have sparked debate, as is common when immigration issues are a topic of discussion.

Some people say the new guidelines will help prospective employers and professionals overcome existing visa bans. A U.S. Department of State representative said there are national interest exemptions that would enable certain people to qualify for H1-B visas for those who would otherwise be ineligible under current visa bans. Others say the only reason the new guidelines come as good news is that the other guidelines were so bad for those wanting to enter the U.S. for employment purposes.

Under the new H1-B guidelines, all medical researchers and health care workers may qualify for the exemptions. It also allows the return of H1-B workers who were barred from reentry when the visa bans were issued in June. Many are concerned that the new guidelines have been put in place without prior Congressional approval.

New guidelines or not, it is not uncommon for someone immigrating to Florida or elsewhere in the United States to encounter visa-related challenges. Reaching out for support from an experienced immigration law attorney is helpful in such circumstances. An attorney can review a specific case and make recommendations as to what the best course of action might be to obtain a favorable outcome.


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