Property rights and disputes over boundary lines

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When there is a threat to an owner’s property rights, that individual has the right to seek legal recourse and a beneficial resolution. One common way that Florida  property rights can come into question is over boundary lines. These lines mark where one person’s property ends and another person’s property begins, and there is much at stake when there is a disagreement over where that line is.

Owners of adjoining property may find themselves fighting over boundaries for many reasons. Perhaps one party wants to erect a fence or put in landscaping, or perhaps one owner wishes to build a pool and deck. These types of situations can lead to disagreements that require looking at maps, referring to property records and even paying an experienced surveyor to come to the property.

When property boundaries are unclear, it can lead to encroachment. This is what happens when there is a fence, building, landscaping or some type of structure that actually goes over the boundary line onto the neighboring property. Trespassing can happen, even inadvertently, when it is not clear where the boundary line is. Looking at certain records or having a new survey of the property done may be enough to solve the problem, but it may be necessary to go to court in some cases.

Disputes over boundary lines can be complex. A Florida property owner dealing with this matter will find it beneficial to seek legal help when it becomes apparent that property rights are under threat. With assistance, it may be possible to avoid litigation while still seeking a reasonable outcome to concerns.


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