Are you preparing for a citizenship test in Florida?

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When someone immigrates to Florida, he or she may have any number of hopes and goals for the future. Some immigrants arrive in the United States intending to marry U.S. citizens. Others are entrepreneurs who have plans to launch businesses. Another goal of many immigrants is to become naturalized U.S. citizens, in which case, they must study and prepare for a naturalization test.

The naturalization test for U.S. citizenship is designed to show proficiency in several areas. It is critical that a person who has applied for naturalization be able to show that he or she can read, write and understand English. Another topic of importance is U.S. history.

A person seeking citizenship must prove that he or she knows certain key historical facts, and understands the basic concepts regarding the functioning of the U.S. government. Such topics are covered in the civics portion of the naturalization test. Common questions might include information regarding the Bill of Rights, as well as questions about presidential inauguration or the congressional election process.

It is possible that an applicant might fail the naturalization test. U.S. immigration law allows a second attempt, which typically occurs within 60-90 days of the first test. A Florida immigrant may consult with a U.S. immigration law attorney before applying for citizenship or at any time during the process if a legal problem arises. An experienced immigration attorney is well-versed in the rules for naturalization and can provide immediate support if a legal issue arises that might delay or impede a prospective citizen’s goals.


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