Documentary highlights immigration detention problems

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Florida is home to tens of thousands of immigrant families. Not all of them have happy stories to tell. In fact, an immigrant advocate who has been working for years to raise awareness of U.S. immigration law issues regarding mistreatment of immigrants in detention says her involvement began in 2013 when she witnessed more than 20 armed immigration officers raid her neighbor’s home.

In a documentary about alleged abuses against immigrants, the woman also told of other properties that were raided that day. Many immigrants said the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers removed household members at gunpoint, awakened frightened children and prohibited Spanish-speaking parents from communicating with their children in their native tongue even though they were only trying to console them. Since that day, the woman has launched several immigrant advocacies as well as the documentary to draw attention to what many people say is an abuse of power against immigrants.

Advocates have been quite vocal in speaking out against one prison in particular, located in Pennsylvania, where many families are reportedly being held indefinitely. A long list of abuses has been alleged against detention officers at the prison, including verbal abuse, sexual assault and other violations. The facility is one of the oldest immigrant detention centers in the United States.

Many of the families being held at the facility are made up of parents and children who came to the United States to seek asylum. Any Florida immigrant who may be facing legal problems regarding asylum or detention can reach out for support by contacting an experienced U.S. immigration law attorney. Such an attorney can help determine a best course of action for a specific set of circumstances.


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