Immigrant workers may encounter challenges in the hiring process

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Many Florida residents work from home while others commute to their job each day. Either way, immigrants often encounter challenges regarding legal status and work eligibility during the hiring process. To avoid such problems, it is best to learn as much as one can ahead of time about employment-based immigration laws in the United States.

To work in the United States, an immigrant employee must acquire a Social Security Number. However, he or she may accept a job and begin working as long as the application has been filed. Of course, the worker will have to provide the employer the appropriate personal information so that an SSN application can be processed. Otherwise, problems could develop

Every employer in the United States must have a new worker fill out and sign an I-9 form. On the form, which must be completed within three days of being hired, the worker must attest to his or her employment authorization in the United States. An employer may not request to see any documents that are not included on the list of required I-9 documents.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act helps prevent discrimination against immigrant workers in Florida and beyond by prohibiting prospective employers or their representatives from asking questions about a prospective employee’s citizenship status prior to making a job offer. Employers may not restrict new job opportunities to U.S. workers only. Any immigrant worker who encounters legal problems regarding a visa, green card or the hiring process may seek support by requesting a meeting with an experienced immigration employment law attorney.


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