Preventing problems with a commercial lease

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Finding a building or practical space from which to run a business is not easy. It can be costly and difficult to find a commercial building that works for the individual needs of the Florida business. It’s crucial to negotiate a lease that is adequate and thorough as this will help prevent problems in the future. In case there is a dispute involving a commercial lease, a carefully drafted agreement provides protection for both parties.

With a commercial lease, it is important to be thorough. A good lease agreement should include terms that pertain to the following details:

  • Type of lease, such as a gross lease, net lease, double net lease and more
  • The length of the lease and potential for rent increases
  • What the rent amount includes, such as utilities, insurance and more
  • Which party is responsible for any improvements needed in the space
  • Permitted use for the space and the potential for subleasing the building

It is possible to negotiate the terms of a commercial lease. While a landlord is looking to protect his or her interests, the tenant has the right to seek terms that do not expose the Florida business to the potential for unnecessary financial or legal complications.

In the event of a dispute over a commercial lease, it is beneficial for a company to work with an experienced real estate attorney. This guidance is also practical and prudent at the lease negotiation stage. With legal counsel, it is possible to avoid disputes and seek terms that will make sense in the long term.


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