ICE arrests more than 100 in October ‘enforcement’ action

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In many Florida households, there are some family members with immigration problems. U.S. immigration laws are complex, and it is not uncommon for someone emigrating from another country of origin to encounter challenges in the entry process once he or she has arrived at a U.S. border. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers often have something to do with such challenges, particularly when they conduct targeted sweeps of certain states or communities that lead to many arrests.

ICE conducted one such sweep in approximately five states at the end of October. The so-called “enforcement operations” took place for five days, resulting in the arrests of more than 100 people. ICE agents claim that the people they took into custody during the targeted operations were all considered public safety risks.

An ICE spokesperson stated that all those arrested have been convicted of crimes or are currently facing criminal charges in the United States. The court will decide each case based on its own merits. This typically means some people might be at risk for immediate deportation while others will be able to resolve their legal problems and remain in the United States.

If a Florida resident is taken into custody by ICE officers, it can be a stressful and frightening experience. In such situations, it is always best to remember that every individual in the United States has certain rights, including the right to legal support in specified circumstances. Legal problems regarding U.S. immigration law can be especially difficult to resolve, which is why it’s a good idea to connect with an experienced immigration law attorney before heading to court.


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