ICE launches billboard campaign

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When a person emigrates from another country to live and work in Florida, he or she must navigate a complex process that includes filing paperwork, applying for the proper visa and other important issues. Not having one’s paperwork in order can spark legal problems. Especially for people who have served time in jail in the United States, legal status issues may intersect with criminal defense issues in many cases.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have asked county jailors in many states to hold some individuals past their scheduled date for release after serving a jail sentence. ICE officials often do this when the person in question is at risk for deportation. Many county detention agencies have refused to comply with ICE requests to keep people behind bars after they have fulfilled sentencing requirements.

In several states, ICE officials have launched billboard campaigns, which many people believe are meant to shame jurisdictions that have refused to cooperate with detainer requests. Throughout these states, billboards feature photographs of people who were convicted of crimes. Not only do the billboards state that the people in question are dangerous to public safety, they also provide information about the criminal charges they faced, as well as the exact jurisdiction that enabled their release.

Drivers who navigate the highways where such billboards exist may notice a phone number on the boards encouraging them to call ICE to report sightings of the people whose pictures are displayed. It is not uncommon for immigration issues and criminal defense issues to run hand in hand. Any Florida resident in need of legal support regarding such matters may request a meeting with a U.S. immigration law attorney.


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