Real estate dispute sparks racial slur allegations

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Many Florida residents know what it is like to have problems with a neighbor. Such problems often include real estate disputes over boundary lines or other legal issues. In another state, litigation is brewing between a homeowner and several of her neighbors who are accused of harassing her and her son because of racial issues.

The woman and her son have lived in their home for approximately four years. She says everything was fine at first until she accused her neighbor of continually breaching her property line. Since then, their relationship has become contentious, and another neighbor has gotten involved as well.

Boundary line issues are not uncommon between neighbors

The initial dispute between the woman and her next-door neighbor centered on a small strip of land between their two homes. The woman said it is part of her property, and it bothered her that the man next door kept coming into her yard to stand while mowing his own lawn. The woman called out a surveyor to substantiate her claim; however, she later said that the neighbor still caused so many problems that she wound up wanting to sell her house.

More problems arose then

After the woman tried to place her house on the market for sale, her realtor informed her that her neighbor was harassing potential buyers by telling them that she was involved in litigation with municipal officials regarding water damage. At the realtor’s suggestion, the woman called the police, who then issued a warning to the neighbor. Further allegations arose when the man and another neighbor are said to have begun yelling racial slurs toward the woman and her son. These incidents led to both neighbors being arrested and charged with harassment.

Resolving real estate disputes

While not every real estate dispute in Florida involves racial issues or neighbors being taken into police custody, many people have faced similar boundary line or other legal issues, which can be complex and stressful to resolve. It is helpful to build a strong support network from the start when considering filing a lawsuit against a neighbor. A real estate law attorney not only updated on property line regulations and codes but can also help diffuse contention between neighbors by speaking and acting on a client’s behalf in court.


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