Former police chief facing real estate dispute

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While many people move to Florida for the amenities of coastal living and warm weather, some prefer to live in the more rural areas of the state. It’s not uncommon for a real estate dispute to arise when the buying and selling of land is occurring in remote regions. A current dispute in another state involves county-owned land that a former police chief in the area has offered to purchase for $20,000.  

The prospective buyer owns 300 adjacent acres of land 

The man in question owns approximately 300 acres of the land adjacent to the property the county is trying to sell, which is less than 50 acres. When he expressed interest in the property — a steep mountain parcel that is land-locked — the county instructed him to have the land appraised and submit an offer. The former chief of police later said that he asked for a list of approved appraisers, but the county told him there wasn’t one, so he should choose one himself. The appraiser he chose was state certified and well-versed on local rural lands. 

County assessment director appears to be trying to block the sale 

The appraisal listed the value of the property at $17,000, which is several thousand dollars less than what the former police chief offered. The county assessment director, however, says that she believes this is a low-ball offer and recommends that council approve a counteroffer for $45,000. To make the matter even more complex, the property in question assesses at more than $73,000 for real estate tax purposes, but that point is not relevant since the land has been tax exempt under county ownership.  

Future meetings to further discuss the issues 

The former chief says he took offense to the assessment director accusing him of low-balling. He also did not like the fact that a meeting was held to discuss his offer. He had no knowledge of the meeting and, therefore, had no opportunity to speak before council. In Florida or elsewhere, anyone facing a similar, complex real estate dispute can seek support by requesting a meeting with an experienced real estate law attorney to determine what legal options are available to help resolve the issue. 


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