Condominium issues in Florida and beyond

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In 2018, Florida condominium regulations changed. Moving forward, board members would have term limits. Many condo residents, administrators and others throughout the country think it is a good idea and want their districts to adopt similar rules.

Attorney in another state says more changes are needed

An attorney in another state has said that limiting the terms of condominium board members is a good step in the right direction but is not enough. He believes that additional changes are needed, at least, in his own locale. For instance, board members there are not required to hold open meetings or record minutes during their meetings, which, the attorney says, leaves a lot of room for discrepancies and disputes.

When Florida had a condominium disaster

Most readers will recall a tragedy that occurred in Florida when the Surfside condominium collapsed with people inside. The 12-story, beachfront condo in a Miami suburb tumbled to the ground, resulting in 98 fatalities. Since then, many people and lobbyists throughout the country have called for more stringent safety regulations in all condominium associations.

Lack of transparency and lack of funds are two priority issues

Many people who are well-versed on legal issues pertaining to condominium ownerships agree that there is not enough transparency in most associations. Some condos have rules about maintaining emergency funds; however, most of these fall short because there are no minimum requirements for how much money must be kept in a fund. Any Florida condo owner or board member currently facing a dispute may request a meeting with an experienced attorney to explore options that may help resolve the issue.


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