Man says ICE deported him for revenge

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The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) cannot abuse its authority when addressing issues concerning a person’s legal status in the United States. There are numerous, valid reasons that a particular person who has emigrated from another country to Florida or another U.S. state might be at risk for deportation. However, a man who was deported says he was not at legitimate risk but was deported by ICE in retaliation after he appeared in a documentary series where he made critical remarks about U.S. immigration officials.

A happy reunion between the man and his family took place in Florida

The man in question was reunited with his wife in children in August. He says that he considers his reentry into the United States a miracle. An attorney who represented the man said that bringing immigration activists who have been treated unfairly in the deportation process back to the country is a step in the right direction to fix a broken system.

ICE denies all allegations of revenge and retaliation

When asked about this man, as well as another who faced similar immigration problems, ICE representatives stated that the agency did not deport the men out of retaliation for their activism. However, one immigrant advocate said there is clear evidence to suggest that immigration activists who speak out about the need for system reform or to raise awareness about injustices that have taken place are then targeted by ICE for deportation. This has reportedly caused many people to hesitate to speak out because they fear that immigration officials will “come after them” if they criticize the system.

Laws protect everyone who lives in the United States

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects a person’s right to speak his or her mind without fear of retaliation. Any Florida resident who believes that he or she was terminated from a job, placed in line for deportation or otherwise treated unfairly regarding immigration issues has the right to seek legal support. An attorney who is well-versed in U.S. immigration laws is a great asset to have on hand in these circumstances.


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