Homeowners entangled in real estate dispute with city

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When it comes to property litigation, several issues are often a central focus of Florida court proceedings. Boundary lines, fences and walls, and matters concerning rights-of-way are all common issues. A real estate dispute between numerous property owners and city officials is currently ongoing in another state.  

City officials warned homeowners, threatened them with fines 

At least 25 homeowners say they received written warnings from city officials concerning fences and walls on their properties. The homeowners say they have been warned to move their structures because their current positions encroach upon the city’s maintenance right-of-way. The homeowners were reportedly told that if they do not move their stone walls and fences, they will incur substantial fines.  

A 30-day limit was set by city officials 

Apparently, the homeowners were given 30 days to move their fences or walls. Some of the structures in question have been in place for several decades. One gentleman said that he built his wall in 1978. He said that there was nothing but a strip of a dirt road in front of his property back then.  

The man also said that when a city garbage truck wrecked a fence at the edge of his property, he never asked city officials to pay for repairs. Now, he has reportedly been threatened with a $50 per day fine if he does not move the wall that the city claims is encroaching upon its right-of-way. Another man stated that city garbage trucks caused $3,000 to $4,000 in damages to his fence but offered him only $60 to make repairs and threatened to tear down the fence, as well as his neighbor’s wall, if he kept “pushing” the issue. Any Florida resident facing similar property issues may request a meeting with an experienced real estate law attorney for help in determining a best course of action to resolve the problem. 


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