Clothing may influence an immigration judge

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Many Florida parents teach their children never to judge people by appearance. However, most people would agree that visual factors have an impact on the impression one person has of another, especially in professional settings. For instance, in a courtroom, a judge’s decision might be indirectly influenced by a defendant’s appearance and attitude. This is why someone who has received notice to appear in immigration court will want to carefully choose his or her attire that day.  

It is a good idea to visit the website of the court in question. Many courts publish dress codes on their internet sites. Beyond that, one of the most important factors to make a good impression is to be clean and neat in appearance.  

Ungroomed hair or a sloppy appearance is not helpful 

If a person attending an immigration hearing has facial hair, it is best to make sure it is neatly trimmed and groomed. Fingernails should be clean and the person’s overall condition should exemplify good grooming habits. A neat and clean appearance demonstrates that a person is taking proceedings seriously and understands the official atmosphere of a courtroom 

Avoid tight-fitting clothing and too many accessories 

As for shoes and clothing, a casual business style is best for an immigration hearing. A person will want to avoid oversized clothing, as well as outfits that are too form-fitting. A good question to ask oneself is whether a chosen outfit would be appropriate for an important business meeting or job interview. If someone is unsure how to dress for court, he or she may reach out for additional support, such as asking an experienced immigration law attorney for recommendations.  


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