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There is currently a raging battle going between immigrant advocates and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Advocates say that ICE has violated the civil rights of people who sought asylum in the United States, on the grounds that they fled their countries of origin because they were in danger. There are surely Florida residents who can relate to such issues, who may want to learn more about these cases.  

One man had arrived in the United States from Nicaragua. He says that he requested asylum because he had been beaten by national police in his home country. Immigration law states that a person seeking asylum because of imminent danger in his or her homeland cannot be deported until they’ve met with a U.S. asylum officer. The man in question says that ICE sent him back to Nicaragua before he was allowed an interview.  

The Nicaraguan man is reportedly not alone in his struggle 

Immigrant advocates have spoken out, saying that ICE has violated the civil rights of many immigrants, deporting them without benefit of due process. ICE denies the charges and, in the case of the Nicaraguan man, claims that his case was fully processed before sending him out of the United States. Advocates say that another person who entered the country from Haiti was sent back to the islands even though a request for reconsideration had been lawfully submitted.  

Asylum-seekers may request additional support as needed 

If someone in Florida or another state has concerns about asylum or deportation, he or she may request a meeting an experienced immigration law attorney. The attorney can review a specific case and make recommendations as to what the best approach might be to help resolve the issues at hand. If a person believes that his or her civil rights have been violated, he or she may have options for legal recourse 


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