Project delays may prompt a need to request time extensions

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There might be a multitude of topics to address prior to initiating operations on a new construction project in Florida. Creating a thorough plan for the project may help address and mitigate risks in many scenarios, but some issues that can arise on the site might not always be possible to predict.

Sources of delay in the construction industry can take on numerous forms, and sometimes, you might have no control over the situation. As delays can be costly at times, taking the necessary steps to help address the situation could prove integral to limiting conflict and protecting your company’s interests.

Project extensions

Project delays can take on various forms, and there may be numerous scenarios in which requesting a time extension might be the best path available. Some types of information that might be helpful to provide in such a request may include:

  • Cause of delay: One vital topic to address in a request for time extension may involve providing a thorough account of the cause of project delays and any issues stemming from the outcome.
  • Impact on schedule: Providing details on how the situation impacts project schedules and completion dates and of which project activities might be most affected could also be vital to pursuing time extensions.
  • Documentation: Taking pictures of the site and thorough documentation of the event may also be vital to providing sufficient evidence to support your request for time extension.
  • Mitigating risks: It could also be beneficial to provide information on the steps your company takes to mitigate project risks and delays or to minimize the repercussions thereof.

While taking a proactive approach to project delays could help mitigate risks and reduce the chances of conflict, similar issues continue to be a leading cause of construction disputes.

Safeguarding your company

Even if you have no control over the cause of construction delays, preparing to request a time extension can be an intimidating endeavor. Seeking insight on every vital topic to address and what to include in the request may help place you in a better position in which to pursue a favorable outcome and protect your interests. As delays continue to be a source of unrest in the construction industry, it could also be helpful to seek advice on the next steps to take should the request result in denial.


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