Evaluating the most common causes of construction disputes

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There may be a multitude of factors to address and decisions to make when preparing to initiate operations on a new construction project. You might work on numerous projects each year, through various areas of Florida, and each new project may carry its own set of responsibilities and risks.

With the unique scenarios involved with each project and the likelihood of working with unfamiliar parties, it can be difficult to tell when conflict might arise. Although construction disputes can take on various forms and fashions, there may be certain issues that could prove more common than others.

Sources of dispute

Disputes in the construction industry can take a dire toll on operations, or even lead to costly delays, and knowing some common causes of conflict may help you better prepare to handle such issues. Some examples of prevalent causes of dispute may include:

  • Contract disputes: Contract disputes can come in various forms, whether stemming from violations of contract terms, mistakes in the drafting phase, or omissions of project details.
  • Project delays: There are various scenarios in which a project might experience delays and such issues could lead to intense conflict at times, even if the cause of a delay proves unavoidable.
  • Unexpected changes: Studies also indicate that changes to the scope of a project remain a prevalent cause of construction disputes and similar issues can take a devastating toll on all parties involved.
  • Job performance: Sometimes, conflict might arise if other parties claim to be unsatisfied with the quality of work on a project and this might lead to refusal to pay for services rendered until the issue is resolved.

Regardless of the circumstances involved, dealing with construction disputes can be a stressful and daunting task and the outcome of such issues could take a significant toll on your company’s future.

Facing construction disputes

While knowing the most common causes of construction disputes can be helpful, this might only be half the battle. Understanding your options and the outlets with which to seek an acceptable resolution may also be an integral component to preparing for the possibility of conflict in the construction industry. As construction disputes can be complex in nature, seeking guidance in evaluating all your options and in making informed choices about each in turn may help you better prepare to seek the best outcome achievable and safeguard your company’s interests.


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