Real estate dispute in another state got out of hand

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As in most states, there are many types of neighborhoods in Florida. Some homes, of course, are in remote areas while others include houses that are closer together. Even if separated by acres of land, when more than one house exists in a particular area, there is a property line. A real estate dispute regarding a property line in another state recently ended with police arriving at the scene.

If two Florida neighbors disagree about the correct boundary line between their homes, there are legal options available to help resolve the dispute. If one neighbor decides to take matters into his or her own hands, trouble may arise. That is reportedly what happened when a man went to property his parents own to take pictures of the property line and was confronted by an allegedly angry neighbor.

A property line dispute has been raging for some time

The man told police that his parents are elderly and they have been entangled in a dispute with their neighbor for some time over boundary lines. He said he went to the property in question to take photographs on his parents’ behalf. At some point, while driving near the property, the man said the neighbor’s car was in the roadway with the door ajar. The neighbor was reportedly standing aside his vehicle, pointing a firearm at the elderly couple’s son.

After attempting to drive around the car that was blocking the road, the couple’s son later said the neighbor began shooting at him. He said shots hit his vehicle, including his windshield; at one point, he even noticed blood on his own face. Police ultimately arrested the neighbor, who is now facing numerous criminal charges, including attempted homicide. To avoid having real estate disputes escalate to this level, it’s wise to seek additional support early on to help resolve property line issues.


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