Addressing some vital topics to cover in construction contracts

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If you own and operate a construction company, there is a chance you may work with numerous parties on projects across various parts of Florida each year. Part of preparing a strategy to help smooth out project operations could involve creating clear and concise terms for the endeavor via construction contracts.

While these contracts may help provide protection to all parties involved, it might not always be clear what to include within contract terms. Seeking insight on vital topics to cover when drafting similar agreements may be integral to staving off disputes and safeguarding the interests of your company.

What to cover

Although some of the issues it might be necessary to cover may vary with each scenario, there are certain topics that it might be beneficial to include in virtually all construction contracts, such as:

  • Project scope: One of the most vital topics to cover in construction contracts may pertain to using clear and concise terms regarding the scope of work your company will provide.
  • Project schedules: It may also be essential to include information on important project dates, such as the onset of project operations and the expected date for its completion.
  • Change orders: Change may be a constant variable in the construction industry and covering the topic of change orders may also be integral to staving off various issues.
  • Handling disputes: Disputes can take on various forms in this industry and including terms on how to handle such conflict may also be vital to protecting the interests of your endeavors.
  • Limiting confusion: It may also be helpful to consider addressing the topic of exclusions when negotiating contract terms, as this might help reduce the likelihood of conflict by mitigating the risks of confusion.

Using concise language when drafting contact terms may also help smooth out operations by providing the parties involved with a clearer understanding of project responsibilities and obligations.

Creating a contract

Construction contracts may play an integral role in protecting your company through every stage of a project, but knowing what to cover in these agreements can be somewhat complex at times. With so much on the line, it might be helpful to consider seeking guidance in evaluating your situation and addressing every vital component of the contract drafting process. Seeking advice on everything to include in your contract may help mitigate the risks of conflict and provide the necessary protection to your company should disputes arise.


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